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What we Offer

Portfolio, Program & Project Management

  • Vision stage
  • Planning stage
  • Design stage
  • Construction stage
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Contract management & negotiation
architecture, buildings, cars

Development Management & Owner Representation

  • Master planning
  • Smart cities
  • Environmental
  • Public and private infrastructure
businessman, tablet, control

PMO Establishment

  • Designing the system
  • Managing the system
  • Processes digitization
  • Training and coaching
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Quality & Excellence

  • System & policy development
  • Business process improvement
  • Innovation models
  • Performance assessments
  • National Excellence awards systems
  • Block chain and data analytics
  • Public/ private system digitalization
  • Training and coaching
portrait, people, adult

Human Rights, Diplomacy & Democracy

  • Awareness studies
  • Inclusion and voting systems
  • SDGs implementation
  • Strategic studies
  • NGOs development & UN collaboration
  • Public sector assessment
  • Training and coaching

Accessibility & Disability

  • Policy development & implementation
  • Technical studies for barrier free environments
  • International code compliance
  • Field assessments
  • Training and coaching

Our advisory service Details

The management talents within CBDC provide an array of technical advisory  and capacity building in the sectors below

Architecture/ Engineering

Advisory on building and infrastructure projects

Human Rights/ Democracy & Diplomacy

Capacity building, women and children rights, structuring NGOs and working with local and regional human strategic center to empower civil involvement, elevating poverty and comply with the international treaties

Master planning/ Landscape Design/ Land development/ Investment plans

Vision plans, strategic high profile developments

Accessibility/ Disability

Development of barrier free environment, country level assessment of both policy and environment.
Empowerment and capacity building on the rights of the marginalized groups

Quality and Excellence programs

System development and change transformation, including assessment in accordance with international models and standards like, EFQM, ISO, DGEP...etc

Business modeling and innovation

Process improvement, change management, knowledge management, happiness and customer satisfaction programs, innovation transformation models and assessment

"Best practice" is not the goal anymore,,, the "no. 1" is the choice we provide

Able and ready to advice